DENSO ADC is among the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic data capture systems and the inventor of the QR Code®. DENSO offers a wide range of advanced-technology including 1-D and 2-D barcode terminals and scanners. Our BHT-1281 hand-held wireless UHF RFID terminal has been designed to be lightweight -- yet rugged and a drop-resistant device. It features an ultra high-speed scanning of RFID tags, simultaneous scanning of multiple tags, scanning in 360 degrees and scanning of tags facing in different directions. The new generation of a hand-held terminals -- the BHT-1700 series – is equipped with high scalability – a distance of up to 10m, 4G LTE, GPS and cloud collaboration. DENSO’s sales team can also advise customers, such as computer, equipment manufacturing and systems companies, on what kind of system can be designed to meet their demands. www.DENSO-ADC.COM

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