Tocho America Inc.

MarkinBOX and Patmark Pin Marking Equipment for Increased Traceability with a Permanent Mark in Metals (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous), Plastics, and Tags. WiFi Connection to our Equipment adds flexibility to the user who can use either Phone Apps or the included Windows Software. Patmark Battery Operated Markers allow for increased productivity by taking the Patmark to the items to be marked.
Force which controls Depth of Mark and Speed which controls Quality of Mark are user settings based on Material Specifications and Material Thickness. Software Marking Capabilities Include: Character Heights as small as 1mm can be marked with Character Width adjustments as needed. Alpha/Numeric,Month/Date/Year, Time, Serialization, Logo, 2D Data Matrix, Shift along with import information via Bar Code Scan from a Job Ticket or PLC integration with a Remote Server.
Since 2009 MarkinBOX equipment has delivered High Quality, Reliable Permanent marking on materials up to Rc62. Stop to see units in Action

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