Automation Controls Group

UniDrive® motors from Automation Controls Group are the ultimate space-saving endurance-rated gearless conveyor drive motor. Maintenance free UniDrive® motors provide more than 5 times the design life of ordinary motor driven rollers. This makes UniDrive® the right choice for both quality and cost-conscious conveyor designers and OEM manufacturers. We specialize in combining our patented UniDrive® Brushless DC motors, motor drives, logic controls, gear reducers and/or application-specific solutions to address customer challenges in unit handling. When UniDrive® motors are combined with the industry-leading ZoneLogixTM PRO ZPA controllers, the combination provides superior performance and an amazingly low TCO.

Automation Controls Group is a division of Milwaukee Electronics. Headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin since 1954, Milwaukee Electronics engineers, designs and manufactures electronics for the aerospace, medical, defense, manufacturing, mining and material handling market.

Automation Controls Group
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