Future Industrial Technologies, Inc.

Future Industrial Technologies (FIT) presents Backsafe® & Sittingsafe® Injury Prevention Programs. These programs prevent work-related back, shoulder and other expensive sprain/strain injuries. What is THE cause of back and repetitive stress injuries and what can be done to prevent them? How do you get employees to listen and CHANGE habits and behaviors? 27 years of successfully helping companies lower workers’ comp costs, slashing lost workdays and cutting time spent on paperwork, is the result of knowing how to get employees to buy-in; to follow 3 basic ergonomic rules; and to participate in a simple yet powerful before-shift stretching routine. Your employees won’t learn how to lift, push, pull, enter/exit vehicles, or set up a workstation by watching a video or having someone PREACH to them! They only learn these physical skills by DOING them. Our on-site practical workshops are customized for your employees! Trainers are experts in biomechanics and stretching. We get results!

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