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Based in Seoul, South Korea, Kyungwoo Systech is an industry leader in automotive electronics and industrial safety system. Kyungwoo Systech has specialized in designing LCD cluster displays, ICT convergent infotainment system and machine control units since 1991. We bring innovative solutions for a wide variety of electronic devices for industrial vehicles such as excavators, forklift, loaders, tractors and e-mobilities.

KIGIS™ Intelligent Proximity Alert System(IPAS) by Kyungwoo Systech provides a safe environment to customers. Based on UWB technology, KIGIS™ IPAS is designed to reduce the risk of collision accidents between pedestrians and vehicles in industrial site such as warehouse, factory, construction field, mine or port. This system provides highly reliable warning signal, which helps make a safer work environment.
Besides, Kyungwoo Systech’s long-term experience in electronic application and safety system has enable us to design camera system and ultrasonic detector.

Innovation Award

KIGIS™ - Intelligent Proximity Alert System
KIGIS™ IPAS is designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and moving vehicles in workplace. The system uses the cutting-edge RF technology to precisely measure the distance between the vehicles and pedestrians providing highly reliable collision warning.

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Kyungwoo Systech Inc.
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