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Systems, LLC manufactures and sells structurally superior loading dock equipment, all made in the USA. Under the brands Poweramp, McGuire, and DLM, products include loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals and shelters, and dock accessories.

Dock equipment from Systems can now be operated with the new iDock™ Controls. These technologically advanced controls come with an interactive message display for notifications, operation instructions, equipment information, counters, and maintenance history. Checkout the new iDock Controls at Promat!


iDock™ Controls
iDock™ Controls are now installed with loading dock equipment from brands of Systems (Poweramp, McGuire, and DLM). These technologically advanced controls feature an interactive message display, 3-in-1 light communication, and dome button technology for ease of use.

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iDock™ Controls
iDock Controls are the new controllers used with loading dock equipment from Poweramp, McGuire and DLM. These technologically advanced controllers have an interactive message display, 3-in-1 light communication for a clear indication of the dock conditions, and membrane dome button technology for reliable ease of use. Using the message display on iDock Controls, users can see fault notifications and operation instructions, as well as a menu with ...

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