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Alternative Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is a custom build machine supplier with over 1,000 unique machines in our portfolio with an emphasis on material handling automation and conveying systems. We consider ourselves experts in creating new, unique solutions for numerous customers in various industries. We often start with a clean sheet of paper for applications when a solution does not exist, or the customer is unsatisfied with a standard, off the shelf product that could be optimized more effectively if customized. AEI looks at a customer’s current application with a goal to provide the most cost-effective solution that utilizes the customer’s history for best practices and avoids past mistakes.

This year at Promat, we will be showcasing our modular, nearly friction-free Spiral Chute which allows for infinite configurations giving customers their perfect solution.

AEI Spiral Chutes
AEI Battery Cable Boom
AEI Over Under Conveyor
AEI Lift Assist

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AEI Battery Cable Boom
AEI's Battery Cable Boom is a safe and secure fork truck charging station. To reduce safety hazards, it has a counterbalanced boom for heavy charging cables and keeps forks out of the walkway.
AEI Over Under Pallet Conveyor Flyer
An Over Under Pallet Conveyor eliminates the need for empty pallet return conveyor lanes, cross transfers, or lifts. This low profile alternative is an asynchronous, accumulating, and recirculating conveying system.
AEI Spiral Chutes Flyer
AEI's Spiral Chutes are engineered to order and customized for optimum performance.
How to Request a Spiral Chute Quote
In order to quote a spiral chute, we need some crucial information first.

Innovation Award

AEI Spiral Chute
Alternative Engineering’s patented Spiral Chute is a one of a kind innovation due to its modular construction of bolt-together triangular shingles. We have automated the design process so configurations and price are simply generated from customer input such as package size, entry & exit locations and direction of flow. This allows us to provide a unique solution without the lead time and costs associated with custom products. The flexibility eliminates ...

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Alternative Engineering, Inc.
5670 West River Drive, NE
Belmont, MI 49306

Phone: 616-785-7200

Robert Rodriguez


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Batteries/Chargers/Motors/Fuel/Alternative Fuel Systems
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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

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Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
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