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Storeganizer is an innovative high-density warehouse storage system. It enables warehouses to store small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access pockets made of flexible and durable fabric.
Storeganizer allows warehouses to cost-effectively store more small items per ft² and ft³ by optimising the use of rack space and decreasing the TCO of warehouses. Warehouse operators can reduce walking distance and boost picking efficiency thanks to Storeganizer.
Founded in 2012, Storeganizer is supported by the Belgium-based automotive expert conTeyor. With Storeganizer, conTeyor builds on its experience as the leading expert in the niche market of textile-based, state of the art, returnable and cost-effective packaging solutions.
Some well-known Storeganizer customers are DHL Supply Chain, Ceva Logistics, Foot Locker and Rittal.

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Frederique Debecker
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