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Ergo Advantage is North America’s leading manufacturer of modular ergonomic PVC matting, providing solutions for anti-fatigue, anti-slip, ESD and 5S initiatives. Our tiles improve employee safety, are easy to install, and have the best warranty and environmental footprint on the market.

Ergo Advantage was founded in 1995 to service the aerospace and automotive industries which were finding the cost of workplace injury and fatigue prohibitive. By employing experts in the field of Kinesiology, Ergonomics, and Engineering and undergoing years of research, we have come up with a line of matting that accomplishes what no other solution can for those industries and many more.

Our mandate is to provide superior ergonomic products and solutions that represent the best value for customers in conjunction with excellent service. We are proud to be a “green” company dedicated to reducing greenhouse gases and landfill waste.

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Ergo Advantage
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