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1) Insight Analytics
Exhibitor ProGlove

Insight Analytics is a unique industry analytics solution that enables users to optimize their processes as well as their space and layout in ways second to none. Insight Analytics leverages the capability of the ProGlove scanners to collect data points that go beyond barcode content. This includes the ...

2) Insight Visibility
Exhibitor ProGlove

The Lost & Found functionality is the latest extension of ProGlove’s Insight Visibility platform. This new feature enhances ProGlove’s advanced device management capabilities to help prevent the loss of devices. Even though wearable scanners rarely get lost or misplaced, mishaps still occur – for instance ...

3) MARK 3
Exhibitor ProGlove

Effortlessly scan all 1D and 2D barcodes from 4 inches to 20 feet with no adjustments necessary. MARK 3 enables users to do just that. Thanks to its autofocus, this wearable glove scanner automatically aligns with the barcode to be captured. Thus, adjusting to a particular scanning distance is a thing ...