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1) SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper

Dock bumpers protect the loading dock, dock equipment, docked trailers and more. But what protects dock bumpers? Bumpers are subject to life-shortening, cheese-grater-like, wear-and-tear from docked trailers grinding up and down as heavyweight forklifts move in and out of them. Worn dock bumpers reach ...

2) Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS)

While commonly used, manually deployed, trailer stands meet the need for protection against landing gear failure and trailer collapse, deployment requires a worker to be on foot in the loading dock approach at enormous risk from truck traffic, blind spots, and reversing trailers. Inspired by a customer ...

3) The Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0

The manually deployed trailer stand is an excellent safety measure in busy loading docks, protecting workers and forklift drivers against landing gear failure and trailer collapse. However, while enhancing safety in the dock, workers on foot in the dock approach, needing to deploy trailer stands, face ...