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Average rent for warehouse and logistics facilities has grown by over 5% for 5 straight years, making expansion a costly proposition. This climate pushes operations to make the most of available space, driving demand for high-density warehouse strategies and high-performance equipment like reach trucks designed to efficiently deposit and retrieve loads from tall, dense racking. Yale designed the new reach truck with industry exclusive innovations to help warehouses achieve greater productivity with operators working in high-density configurations. The operator compartment does not require operators to stand on a pedal, instead relying on sensors and curtain lasers to detect operator presence. This unique approach is available from no other manufacturer and allows operators to adjust their stance to stay comfortable and productive all shift long. The redesigned mast opening provides up to 33% greater visibility and faster lift/lower speeds shave seconds off of each pick cycle, adding up to an additional pallet moved per hour, all compared to competitive models.

Innovation Statement

Standing on a so-called “dead pedal” means operators can’t reposition themselves during long, demanding shifts. The completely re-engineered operator sensing system uses a pedal-free design that allows the freedom to find the most comfortable operating position, keeping operators fresh to take advantage of visibility and lift/lower speed to work with precision at height and boost overall productivity.


The new Yale reach truck applies technology to improve both the general operating experience and specific tasks in high-density warehouse environments.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactBrad Long
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Yale Materials Handling Corporation.

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