Summary of Innovation

Whether your facility is focused on manufacturing or distributing goods, common challenges operations face include space optimization and labor difficulties. RAFT solves both those challenges and then some. What differentiates the RAFT from traditional one-directional pallet shuttles is the increased speed for pallet storage and retrieval and increased warehouse storage density. Using lift and run technology, the robot transfers products cross-aisle and down-lane directed by the powerful cloud-based SwiftCurrent software technology which automatically adjusts to inventory and order processing changes. The flexibility of pick configurations and system applications make the RAFT solution opportunities endless. The RAFT solution can fully integrate with AGVs and AMRs to meet your unique operational needs. Pallets arrive/depart via conveyor or put wall to the vertical transfer unit (VTU) which then selects the optimal pallet storage location and moves the pallet between levels. RAFT robots finally deliver and take away pallets to their designated position. The brains behind the RAFT robot report 100% accurate daily stock-outs, automatically perform inventory rotation, and autonomously control aging stock inventory. SRSI also provides a full post-project customer support service to guarantee optimal operations. *NOTE: We are happy to provide a recording of a RAFT demo site as well as a full product brochure*

Innovation Statement

What most people consider "next-generation," we know as "Now-Gen" with RAFT. The applications are endless with RAFT and we continue to discover new industries every day that RAFT will breakthrough and provide the most innovative solutions to make our customers the best in their space.


RAFT's flexibility, scalable attributes, ease of integration with WES, pick applications, and more aspects make this solution an incredibly appealing option for any warehouse or distribution center looking to optimize space, increase throughput, minimize warehouse carbon footprint, lower labor & overhead costs, and be the best in their industry.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactSkyeler Smith
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