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In 2020, SVT Robotics launched the SOFTBOT™ Platform, an agnostic integration software technology that enables companies to rapidly integrate and deploy industrial robotics to their warehouse or manufacturing facility in just hours or days, rather than months or years. Through the SOFTBOT Platform, businesses integrate and connect any enterprise system to any robot or automation for any task at revolutionary speed and without the need for custom code, reducing risk and cost. How does it work? Our platform utilizes pre-built integrations – “SOFTBOT Connectors” – for each robotic or automation technology. By integrating enterprise systems and automation, SOFTBOTs eliminate the need for inflexible custom code and the long, expensive development cycles that come with it. Once an automation technology has a connector built to the SOFTBOT Platform, that technology can be integrated with any other automation solution on the platform in just a matter of days. Simply put, when a company using the SOFTBOT Platform decides to deploy new robotics at its facility, that new robot connects to our platform and communicates instantly with all other robots and software previously deployed at that facility. That means companies can fully deploy integrated robotics in days or weeks instead of months or years. The process is so fast that we can show you an entire end-to-end deployment for multiple technologies integrated to a host system, in a minutes-long live demo. The SOFTBOT Platform from SVT Robotics lets you to reimagine how you will deploy robotics. It’s automation at the speed of need.

Innovation Statement

The SOFTBOT Platform enables you to fully integrate the most innovative automation technologies at revolutionary speed. As you know, there are some amazing automation solutions now on the market. Many of these technologies can be deployed very quickly. However, fully integrating them with both enterprise systems and other automation still presents a challenge. Custom-coded interfaces are inflexible and require long development cycles. Add to this the effects of the pandemic and changes in supply chain demands and the result is a major bottleneck in automation deployment. The SOFTBOT Platform solves this problem by using pre-built integrations and a unified, agnostic platform to dramatically accelerate robot adoption. Integrate robotics in hours or days rather than months. It’s automation at the speed of need—your need.


The SOFTBOT Platform enables you to adopt automation faster than ever before. Connect any enterprise system to any industrial robot for any task. Any robot. You choose the technology that best meets your business needs and fully integrate those solutions at revolutionary speed. Even large, multi-solution systems can be integrated in a matter of weeks rather than close to a year or more. Before building an integration that only works for your current setting and business need, utilize the SOFTBOT Platform, which provides perpetual integration no matter your future requirements. Select your automation, configure, and deploy in days, not months!


Posted Date2/17/21
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