Summary of Innovation

For over a decade, EnerSys® proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery chemistry has provided a virtually maintenance-free power solution for thousands of applications around the world. Today, NexSys® PURE batteries – featuring TPPL design – help warehouse and Distribution Center (DC) operators eliminate the time consuming aspects of battery watering, the downtime and costs associated with battery changing, as well as the need for long equalize charges with a faster and more flexible option suitable for opportunity charging. EnerSys has now taken its NexSys PURE battery into the next generation by adding an advanced carbon additive to TPPL for increased cycle life and energy throughput, in order to push reliability and productivity even further.

Innovation Statement

The EnerSys® engineering team has found that the addition of carbon to the NexSys® PURE battery results in a higher resistance to sulfation to increase battery performance and cycle life.


The NexSys® PURE battery, with its virtually maintenance-free attributes, alleviates the concerns of operational costs, downtime and maintenance to allow operators to focus on core business operations.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactMichele Brown
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by EnerSys.

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