Summary of Innovation

Measure vital battery parameters in real-time. Help your lift truck drivers prevent misuse while improving battery use and service life. Boost efficiency and overall warehouse productivity. The revolutionary Truck iQ™ smart battery dashboard provides your drivers a in-depth view of truck battery status to avoid premature failure. One of the latest battery management tools from EnerSys®, Truck iQ displays critical battery data in an easy-to-understand format directly on a dashboard-mounted monitor. Truck iQ remotely connects with the monitoring device installed directly on the battery and wirelessly transmits battery status to the screen. The display screen automatically starts up without any driver intervention, provides the status of the battery without stopping the truck and alerts the driver to address critical situations with audible and visual alarms.

Innovation Statement

The EnerSys® Truck iQ™ smart battery dashboard gives operators real-time, critical battery data – from temperature and electrolyte level to remaining work time and more –without looking at the battery or stopping the truck.


By providing real-time battery information in an easy-to-read, accessible format, the EnerSys® Truck iQ™ dashboard gives you the valuable tools to help your operation avoid costly, unplanned downtime caused by premature battery failures.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactMichele Brown
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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