Summary of Innovation

The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Raymond Courier™ 3220 automated high-capacity tow tractor, utilizing Seegrid vision-guided technology. Towing up to 15,000 pounds, the Courier 3220 features the Raymond® advanced AC motor control system, which delivers longer battery life with precise speed control, less downtime and reduced cost of ownership. This innovation utilizes a low-hanging arch and towing capacity that offers superior productivity for indoor, heavy-duty towing applications. Raymond’s award-winning fleet management system, iWAREHOUSE®, provides robust tracking and reporting of mixed-technology fleets in the industry, optimizing uptime by reporting unit status of the combined fleet. Benefits of the Courier 3220 include, but are far from limited to, a fast payback and low total cost of ownership, easy implementation and flexibility, ongoing scalability, reliability in labor shortages, and long-term product or operational support.

Innovation Statement

This model offers higher towing capacity and more ramp capability, resulting in an ability to handle peak loading needs as well as including infrastructure-free installation, enabling easier and faster commissioning, operational flexibility and scalability. The Courier 3220 optimizes uptime, provides support in low-staff situations, and includes an intuitive operator interface for ease of use, with vision-guided technology and scalability, so routes can be quickly transferred between trucks for quick redeployment.


The Courier 3220 is relevant to ProMat attendees because it provides leading advantages in the warehousing and supply chain industry, such as the low-hanging arch and towing capacity with superior productivity for indoor, heavy-duty towing applications resulting in an ability to handle peak loading needs. The infrastructure-free installation of the Courier 3220 allows for easy commissioning, operational flexibility and scalability, which are critical features for ProMat attendees.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactElizabeth Buza
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Submitted by The Raymond Corporation.

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