Summary of Innovation

LogistiVIEW OnSite, powered by Zoom™, leverages smart glasses to provide a point of view (POV) collaborative experience, connecting any number of remote experts directly through the camera of the wearer in real-time. Stay safe, save travel time and expenses, and improve the outcome of training, audit, and support functions. As COVID-19 safety restrictions continue to disrupt everyday operations, OnSite has become one of the most requested features of LogistiVIEW's Software Automation Platform. OnSite connects teams across the workforce ranging from frontline workers to supervisors, trainers, remote IT, maintenance, vendor support, and all the other experts crucial to the success of your supply chain.

Innovation Statement

Other remote presence utilities are dedicated to communication only, limiting the capabilities of the device for anything else. OnSite enables team collaboration while the LogistiVIEW platform instructs and records task execution, ensuring compliance while hosting 2-way audio and visual information exchange.


LogistiVIEW’s OnSite™ extends Zoom™’s ubiquitous remote collaboration to the warehouse floor, providing a superior see-what-I-see experience that enables stakeholders and remote experts to collaborate during real-time warehouse task execution.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactPaul Patin
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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