Summary of Innovation

Part of the System Plast® Modsort suite of turnkey products, the Modsort Trident from Regal has a four-zone infeed that gaps a product, reads the package, and sends it down a belt, where it then diverts left, right or straight on a 30-degree spur-curve to one of three sorting locations. Known for its quiet operation, this sortation system can accommodate up to 50 cartons per minute on average, with a weight limit of 50 pounds. It utilizes a 34-inch wide (between frame) x 66-inch long triple-belt divert for polybags, boxes, flats and some types of totes. Regal Modsort Trident technology uses 24-volt DC power and requires only a simple power drop and Ethernet connection to deliver a customer warehouse management solution. Designed to be mobile (the unit comes on heavy-duty casters), it can be redeployed if needed to another location.

Innovation Statement

System Plast Modsort products provide low-noise, low-voltage modular transfer/divert stations for polybags and boxes that can easily integrate with new or existing systems, eliminating the need for a lift, pneumatics or Z-direction position feedback devices. Motorized drive rollers and controls allow flexibility in wiring, with safe, efficient, quiet and low-maintenance operation.


The Regal Modsort Trident is ideal as a secondary sortation station in a fulfillment center and works well with parcel post, e-commerce and warehouse distribution applications.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactIan Rubin
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Regal Beloit Corporation.

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