Summary of Innovation

Perceptiv™ intelligence offers a platform for end-to-end asset management through its new Tag-It Program. The Perceptiv Tag-It Program creates a path for continuous improvement by increasing equipment reliability and enhancing operational efficiencies. The combination of hardware, software and “humanware” allows a new way to interact with Regal® products. With the Perceptiv Tag-It Program for asset management, users can see — at the push of a button — if equipment has a problem and then take proactive action. Users can scan the equipment to obtain product information, correctly identify units and minimize errors. This allows facilities to obtain the right parts at the right time to help maintain a safe and productive operation. The Tag-It Program also facilitates standardizing and streamlining MRO inventory and cutting down on SKUs. With this solution, replacement equipment can be obtained faster and installed during scheduled maintenance times, reducing costs and downtime.

Innovation Statement

The Perceptiv Tag-It platform is an interconnected matrix of smart, digital solutions which simplify asset management for maintenance and procurement teams. It enables users to reduce maintenance time, streamline procurement, and achieve inventory objectives by integrating data silos.


Innovative digital solutions from Regal’s Perceptiv Intelligence platform allow companies to streamline the MRO process, reduce inventory, and proactively monitor equipment health from any connected device.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactIan Rubin
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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Submitted by Regal Beloit Corporation.

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