Summary of Innovation

Meet the newest robotic member of your cleaning team — the most productive, most efficient and most sustainable autonomous ride-on scrubber available today — the Nilfisk SC60. Ideal for light industrial facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, this powerful machine has the largest scrub deck available on an autonomous solution. Built using Brain Corp’s BrainOS operating system, the SC60 safely and perfectly replicates any programmed cleaning plan and includes the ability to set scrubbing parameters at the beginning of each cleaning session to meet current soil loads in the area. You can link up to six pre-recorded plans for uninterrupted productivity, and the machine can also be used manually for ad hoc cleaning, providing operators with the flexibility to tackle any floor cleaning task. The SC60 was designed to the strictest safety standards, is the only 3rd-party certified autonomous scrubber in its class, alongside the Nilfisk SC50, uses an intuitive user interface and comes equipped with the industry-leading sustainability technologies Nilfisk is known for.

Innovation Statement

The Nilfisk SC60 autonomous floor scrubber combines industry-leading cleaning technologies with autonomous operation capabilities to deliver superior results quickly, efficiently, and safely while being the only 3rd-party certified autonomous cleaning machine in its class, alongside the Nilfisk SC50. With multiple cleaning modes, sustainability features and integrated data analytics, the Liberty SC60 helps you optimize your cleaning operations.


The Nilfisk SC60 autonomous floor scrubber frees up your staff’s time for higher-value tasks, maximizing your cleaning performance while minimizing cleaning costs.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactSarah Metz
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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