Summary of Innovation

Markets are constantly requiring more performance and higher functionality from drive systems. Wherever a growing number of demands and deliveries must be handled in an increasingly smaller space, the SINAMICS G115D is outstanding due to its extremely small footprint. The SINAMICS G115D is the new system of choice to address those requirements in the material handling, airports, automotive and food and beverage industries with specialized and dedicated features for conveyor technology applications. The NEW SINAMICS G115D is more than just another drive — it is an optimally matched system solution consisting of a highly efficient geared motor and an innovative, low-profile drive, with an array of new features that differentiates itself from its predecessors. SINAMICS G115D provides innovative solutions for horizontal motion applications. It’s been optimized exclusively for energy- and cost-efficient applications such as conveyor belts, sorting systems, baggage and freight conveyor systems, warehouse and distribution logistics, mail sorting and parcel distribution.

Innovation Statement

SINAMICS G115D was designed to address common conveyor technology challenges and requirements. When it comes to energy efficiency and ruggedness, our solution supports up to IE4 system efficiency when used with synchronous reluctance motors and offers extended operating temperature range (-30C to +55C) with degree of protection of up to UL4X/IP66 to operate in most harsh environments. System availability is also one of the main requirements for these industries, that’s why the SINAMICS G115D drive/motor system was designed as one solution for worldwide operation (380-480V voltage range and global certifications) with optimized performance to guarantee rated operating conditions throughout different speed ranges. Maintenance friendly is another common driver for success in these applications. The SINAMICS G115D solution comes with pre-commissioning from the factory and is ready to run out-of-the-box. Additional setup or system diagnostics can be performed wirelessly with the smart access module (web server), or remotely via the fieldbus. In the event of a drive unit failure, the electronic module (which is the same for either the motor- or wall-mount units) can be quickly replaced without touching any existing wiring or cabling connections. The system is also ready for industry 4.0, all parameters can be pushed natively to the cloud for predictive maintenance and cloud-based analytics.


Markets are constantly requiring more performance and higher functionality from drive/motor systems. Whether is flexibility to accommodate growing demand changes after the equipment is deployed, efficiency to enable maximum throughput while consuming less energy, or increased speed to reduce time-to-market while launching products faster. SINAMICS G115D is the answer to address these common challenges and requirements presented in conveyor technology applications.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactRafael Larcher
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