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Sunlight Lithium – ion Batteries - Quality & Reliability based on Revolutionary Innovation The increasing demands of Material Handling and Logistics Industry as well as the diversity of applications of modern forklifts/ trucks require batteries capable to operate under extreme conditions and run longer. Sunlight Li.ON FORCE motive power range incorporates Sunlight’s vast know-how and long experience in the design & production of Lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications into a robust product destined for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistic. A complete range for motive applications of high safety standards. Designed with quality & reliability based on Innovation. With the promise of greater operational efficiency, Industry 4.0 adoption continues to grow and Sunlight has applied this new technology to Li.ON FORCE batteries range, enhancing the connection of operation stages, along with optimizing safety and implementing a predictive maintenance program.

Innovation Statement

Quality & Reliability based on Revolutionary Innovation Our proprietary BMS technology has a number of unique advantages, such as Active Balancing, which ensures that, during the charging and discharge cycle, there is always equal energy flow between the cells, keeping them at the same voltage levels, optimizing end performance and battery life as a system. BMS also protects the battery from additional critical parameters, such as upper and lower temperatures, overcharging and short circuit.


Sunlight BMS enables 24/7 monitoring of batteries through the GLocal cloud platform. Warnings and alarms, as well as operating condition data, are accessible remotely from any location and are used to better understand a battery’s use profile, schedule regular maintenance and provide software updates without needing to be physically present.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactIoanna Damianaki
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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