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Manufacturing and conveying applications of decentralized power distribution systems can have high maintenance costs, complicated installation, voltage drop over long cable lengths, and require cable replacements anytime a change is needed. Wieland Electric developed a unique tray cable power bus that uses a patented connection technology to solve these problems. The tray cable easily installs without the need for stripping or dismantling, saving up to 80% on labor. The contact terminal penetrates down into the cable from a tap-off module. The individual termination points are molded into the modules with an end stop that prevents over-torquing. A simple electric screwdriver is all that is needed. Together with a coded cable, installation completed quickly and correctly the first time. The copper displacement connection technology allows for a guaranteed and safe electrical connection each time without damaging the conductive core. The terminal pierces the insulation but avoids cutting into the cores, preserving the conductor rating. This allows for changes on the same cable without the need for replacement. Manufacturing and production facilities can now be more agile and realize changes without a significant investment of labor and materials. On-site diagnostics are also easier to achieve as it is possible to identify and isolate a fault without a system-wide stop. Airports around the world, Heathrow, Pearson, LAX, and MCO are already using this technology for their baggage handling systems.

Innovation Statement

The podis power distribution system uses a TC-ER cable and tap-off system with innovative non-destructive piercing contacts that eliminate the need for costly pipe and wire installation.


Designed to be used in applications ranging from baggage handling and warehousing conveyor systems, podis saves up to 80% of installation costs compared to traditional pipe and wire.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactSorina Van Vroenhoven
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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