Summary of Innovation

Geek+ RoboShuttle C200M is the world's first extended-depth bin-to-person robot, the AMR solution with the most robust single-layer storage capability to date. The C200M operates on narrow aisles, and its extended arms reach new storage depth, saving up to 50% of warehouse space and significantly reducing warehouse rental costs. The robot also reaches new heights, covering storage from 0.215 meters to up to 5 meters and the storage capacity of the warehouse increases by 3 times that of a manual warehouse. With warehouse real estate costs on the rise everywhere, accounting for over 40% of overall operating expenses, the C200M can effectively ease cost pressures by compressing the warehouse area and improving storage efficiency. Additionally, the robot uses the Geek+ intelligent system, with AI algorithms covering order analysis and robot scheduling to make entire warehouse operations more flexible, scalable, and efficient.

Innovation Statement

The tote carrying autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution with the highest storage capacity while improving order fulfillment efficiency by three folds


RoboShuttle C200M robot could be widely applied in warehouse automation for industries, including apparel, e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing, to improve the warehouse's overall throughput by increasing efficiency (2x-3x) and improving inventory space utilization (2x-3x).


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactLuke Lee
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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