Summary of Innovation

Geek+ FleetSort system provides an automatic batch outbound order sortation and goods classification solution. In cases where seasonality fluctuates demand considerably in industries, such as fashion retail, using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for bulk mixed-good sortation will be highly efficient and accurate. A warehouse operator places the goods on the robot, and the robots will automatically sort goods into appropriate places and bins based on the user’s requirements. The sorting system can integrate with WMS to increase efficiency and productivity for outbound order fulfillment operations. FleetSort allows Geek+ picking robots, which increases the throughput of a distribution center with consolidated goods picking for batch order picking, to work in tandem seamlessly Geek+ sorting robots. The system's intelligent sorting algorithm allocates each robot to handle a vastly improved number of orders in each wave, compared to manual sorting operation.

Innovation Statement

Geek+ Sorting system supports autonomous goods sortation and integration with WMS that fits a wide range of warehouse management scenarios for inbound processes, such as goods specification to reduce inbound time and costs while improving storage accuracy, and outbound processes, such as sorting to reduce order fulfillment time. The intelligent algorithm achieves maximum operational efficiency by defining dynamic tasks and choosing fulfillment orders in real-time. (In a single project, 11 operators sorted over 5,500 pieces per hour using the Geek+ sorting system.)


A single system solution can support autonomous goods classification and batch order sortation; with seamless WMS system integration, the Geek+ sorting system has an extremely flexible and rapid implementation and easily adapts to most warehouse layouts.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactLuke Lee
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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