Summary of Innovation

The LiFT Pack M24 from Flux Power builds on the original M24 with a more robust and innovative design. This new and improved M24 is made with lithium iron phosphate cells in a 30.8” x 21.1” x 13.0” footprint. An integrated SOC gauge has been added for easier readability. This advanced battery pack has the ability to lift the top off for easier serviceability, as well as improved lifting mechanisms for a safer installation. We listened to customer feedback and transformed the M24 into a more user-friendly product. With no required maintenance, this battery pack can last an entire shift for demanding operations. And it’s UL Listed, so you have peace of mind regarding safety. The M24 is the new standard for powering end riders and center riders.

Innovation Statement

This “second generation” LiFT Pack M24 is modularly designed to integrate with most end riders and center riders. From the new SOC gauge to the improved lifting mechanisms, the M24 allows for easier serviceability and an overall better customer experience for operations that demand a more efficient power source for their fleets.


The LiFT Pack M24 delivers the same clean, safe, energy efficient lithium-ion power as the original M24, with a new design that improves the total cost of ownership and is the best choice for powering your end riders and center riders.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactMaria Cloud
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Flux Power.

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