Summary of Innovation

CAJA Robotics’ goods-to-person solution increases order fulfillment efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses, while improving the work environment of warehouse employees. This can be achieved without large investments in warehouse infrastructure, as the system adapts to the warehouse and not vice versa, by using existing infrastructure like flooring, mezzanines, shelving, and boxes. The flexible and cost-effective solution, which is ideally suited to brownfield sites and dynamic markets, scales easily and responds quickly to changing needs of the fulfillment operation. CAJA’s robotic fulfillment system, which consist of specialized robots, user-friendly workstations and advanced software, was developed with the vision to lead the transition to automated warehouses with smart systems and flexible robotics. CAJA’s system comprises two types of specialized robots, a lift robot for storage optimization and replenishment and a cart robot for picking and fast transportation of boxes. The robots are accompanied with user-friendly workstations for both serial picking (high throughput orders) and parallel picking (large orders), as well as for replenishment and dedicated tasks such as inventory cycle count. The system is powered by a cutting-edge cloud-based software that uses advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning for navigation, fleet management, inventory optimization and simulation.

Innovation Statement

CAJA’s Robotic Fulfillment System is the first goods-to-person solution that operates two types of specialized mobile robots, which collaborate to share tasks. These robots paired with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence facilitate continuous inventory optimization and maximum order throughput.


The adaptive, scalable and responsive robotic fulfillment system is a flexible and efficient alternative to the rigid ASRS with their high investment costs.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactDr. Markus Erlich
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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