Summary of Innovation

The Attached Lid Container (ALC) is the workhorse of the reusable container industry. However, the standard container is missing the necessary features to allow for optimal organization and storage, particularly in BOPIS or micro fulfillment environments. In response to the market need, Georg Utz Inc. designed a lid variation which allows plastic bags to be hooked and secured in place within the container. The workers then pick to the bags within the container thus improving order accuracy and picking efficiency. Then, the container can be stored in a buffer area while waiting for pickup. During home or curbside delivery, the product is secured inside the bags to ensure it arrives intact. The container provides an ergonomic and convenient presentation to the customer allowing for quick and easy transfer of the order.

Innovation Statement

The Attached Lid Container with Bag Hooks allows the front-line workers within a BOPIS or micro fulfillment center to quickly and ergonomically add individual bags for product orders.


If you have been tasked with improving the efficiency of your BOPIS or micro fulfillment operation, attached lid containers with bag hooks can help you accomplish that goal by optimizing your buffer storage capacity.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactAmanda Nichols
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Georg Utz, Inc..

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