Summary of Innovation

Kirk Key Interlock Company introduces their first digital product, Salvo InSite, as part of their Salvo Logistic Solutions product range. The Salvo InSite platform digitizes Kirk’s Salvo Loading Dock Safety System, currently in use at tens of thousands of docks around the world. The new development launches Kirk into the digital product arena with a web-based software application that allows the company to provide optimized productivity as well as safety to the loading dock environment. Salvo InSite is a digital add-on to the Salvo Loading Dock System that provides real time dock status, performance analytics, and traceability reports through a web-based software application. With Salvo InSite, facilities can optimize performance by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in loading dock operations through automatic data capture and visualization. Results can be continuously tracked by gaining a greater understanding of how operational changes are affecting loading dock performance through dashboards, historical reports and live KPI’s. With Salvo InSite, safety at the dock can be managed through site usage reports, ensuring that the loading dock safety system is being used correctly. The digital solution also reduces the costs and effort associated with manual data entry, analysis, detention fees and claims, through automatic data capture and historic traceability capabilities. Kirk’s Salvo Logistic Solutions allow facilities to make informed decisions, ensuring maximized efficiency at the loading dock is achieved while keeping personnel safe.

Innovation Statement

Salvo InSite unlocks dock performance to meet the demands of an ever-changing world whilst maximizing safety.


The logistics industry is adopting new technologies to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world; don't let your loading docks fall behind.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactPierre Balson
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Kirk Key Interlock.

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