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ThruWave’s innovative 3D millimeter wave imaging technology provides manufacturing and supply chain operators with transformative automated inspection capabilities, enabling process improvements across their operations. Unlike camera-based inspection systems that see only the surface of objects, ThruWave’s groundbreaking mmWave sensors see through opaque packaging like corrugated boxes and plastic totes to automatically dimension items, count items, and detect anomalies, all without opening sealed packaging. ThruWave’s high throughput sensors and software automatically scans items at conveyor speeds up to 600 ft/min. ThruWave’s innovative automated inspection systems enable process improvements that reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction, while increasing revenue generation capacity from existing facilities. ThruWave’s sensor and software innovations enable a wide range of process improvements. For example, a typical e-commerce package may contain up to 40% void space, leading to at least 15% excess corrugated usage, 60% excess filler material usage, and up to 20% excess transportation cost. ThruWave’s 3D millimeter wave imaging technology enables customers to dynamically measure their cube utilization and adapt to an ever-changing product mix, enabling cost savings and increasing customer satisfaction through reduced packaging material usage. For operators of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), improving cube utilization leads to increasing ASRS capacity from existing facilities, enabling increased revenue generation capacity without increasing ASRS system size.

Innovation Statement

ThruWave’s groundbreaking 3D millimeter wave imaging technology is the only high-throughput, human-safe approach for seeing through opaque materials like corrugated boxes and plastic totes to automatically dimension, count, and detect anomalies on the items inside.


ThruWave’s 3D millimeter wave technology offers ProMat attendees new opportunities to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs, using the power of mmWave Imaging to see inside of cardboard boxes and plastic totes, and analyze their contents at conveyor speeds of up to 600 ft/min.


Posted Date2/15/21
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