Summary of Innovation

The Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck is a highly versatile, safe, intelligent and integrated pallet-handling solution. This next-generation AMR offers vertical lift of up to 72”to move a wider range of payloads and pallet types, lift inventory to and from equipment, and seamlessly work alongside other materials handling vehicles and human workers improving productivity in dynamic industrial environments. The Autonomous Fork Truck delivers powerful and flexible applications that streamline materials handling and logistics operations. These applications include: • Flexible pallet handling to support pallets of varying sizes and weights including empty, partial, full, irregular, and double-stacked, with and without bottom boards. • Warehouse material hauling to move pallets floor-to-floor and delivering pallets to staging locations within aisles using dynamic obstacle avoidance to navigate warehouses easily and safely. • Induction, extraction, and sortation to hand off pallets to and from material handling equipment like conveyors, carts and wrappers. • Opportunistic Material Handling to transport empty pallets, dunnage, or trash on an as needed basis. The new solution also leverages Vecna Robotics’ orchestration engine Pivotal™, which analyzes an organization’s operations and adjusts processes, accordingly, ensuring every facet performs optimally in real-time.

Innovation Statement

Vecna Robotics’ Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck is the first autonomous mobile robot with vertical lift paired with advanced navigation capabilities in the industry.


The Autonomous Counterbalanced Fork Truck provides manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing organizations a versatile, smart self-driving fork truck for light to heavy payloads. Innovation Category: Best New Innovation


Posted Date2/15/21
ContactAmanda Baier
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Vecna Robotics.

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