Summary of Innovation

Concrete has been used for decades in industrial flooring, despite its flaws, limitations, and environmental implications. With today's material handling & robotics demands, a flat, impediment free floor is critical to seamless operations. PrimX is an innovative, jointless, stronger, and sustainable industrial floor solution. A typical floor's problem areas - joints - are removed, allowing the floor to stay flat without curling or deterioration. In addition, PrimX requires less cement, one of the world's top 5 leading CO2 emitters. On an average 250,000 square foot industrial warehouse, PrimX saves over 1,000,000 lbs of CO2.

Innovation Statement

With many organizational decisions, choosing the best product performance while adhering to the organization's sustainability commitments is not possible. It's often an either/or decision. PrimX has innovated decades-old, standard concrete flooring - a product that works against an organization's sustainability commitments - and created a stronger, sustainable, and superior product. Warehouses, distribution/logistics centers, and manufacturing are able to build their buildings with a future-ready floor AND advance their CO2 reduction initiatives. Total cost of ownership is reduced as the maintenance prone areas of the floor are removed and the jointless structure of the floor provides an obstruction free environment for robotics, materials handling, and employees to maneuver freely.


When flatness, quality and sustainability are important, PrimX jointless concrete floor technology is the solution.


Posted Date2/12/21
ContactDrew Clark
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