Summary of Innovation

The Display LED-Navigator is an efficient order picking display-assistant. Based on LED Technology, it uses light as a communication tool to provide event-related information at exactly the right time. Designed to enhance the user’s picking experience with the Vertical Lift Module Shuttle XP, it simplifies human-machine-cooperation and improves picking efficiency, picking accuracy and process reliability. The Display LED-Navigator uses advanced indicators with color, light and written elements for communication. The screen displays material and order information including article number, description, measurements, storage location, order quantity and more. This optimizes the picking process, improving productivity and reducing picking errors.

Innovation Statement

The innovative Display LED-Navigator uses LED technology to display information directly to the operator improving picking efficiency and reducing picking errors.


This can be easily integrated into your operation or upgraded on existing equipment for improved picking efficiencies.


Posted Date2/12/21
ContactChelsea Tarr
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Kardex Remstar, LLC.

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