Summary of Innovation

MuL Technologies innovatively took the best-of-breed features of AMRs and AGVs to create a new classification in automation: Autonomous Guided Robots (AGRs). An AGR is an independent robotic cart that follows an easily defined path each time it operates while dynamically avoiding obstacles in its path; requires no IT, training or changes to existing infrastructure to accomplish this. The first of its kind, MARC breaks the $10,000 cost barrier as an affordable automation platform for any business looking to improve efficiencies and receive a quick return on investment. • Wi-Fi-Free Mode: that’s right, MARC is the only Autonomous Cart that does NOT require Wi-Fi thereby eliminating the need for changes, additions and/or amplifications of networks. • MARC can intuitively be programmed by simply moving MARC to a location and holding a button down for mere seconds on the EZ-Go Navigation panel. That’s it, no additional programming or need to get IT involved. • MARC follows a user defined, easily updated, path and dynamically avoids obstacles it may encounter. No need for tape, beacons or other costly facility changes. • EZ-Go Navigation panel sends MARC between pre-programmed locations with the simple push of a single button. • Bright, color-coded LED lights blink to indicate direction, error modes and for visibility. • Easy-to-remove/swap long-life battery, so anyone can replace it quickly. • Laser-guided navigation is combined with proximity sensors and high-resolution 3D cameras, making MARC smart and safe. • Quick Setup Guarantee – Able to use out of the box in less than ten minutes or you can return it for a full refund that’s how easy MARC is to use. • Affordable to us means you can get a MARC for just $9,995. MuL Technologies and the MARC product line are on the cutting edge of this evolving AGR technology.

Innovation Statement

MARC is the first AGR, an AMR/AGV hybrid, in the marketplace that requires no Wi-Fi connection, internal infrastructure changes or a team of people to become fully operational. MARC’s intuitive EZ-Go user interface is a single button push to program or send it safely to a destination while following a user defined, easily updated path and dynamically avoiding obstacles it may encounter, all for under $10,000.


MARC is the most cost effective AGR, an AMR/AGV hybrid, in the market with zero set up costs and available for under $10K offering the quickest ROI of any AGR on the market for manufacturers, warehouses, and logistics facilities that utilize repetitive tasks; a simple-to-use solution that any sized businesses can easily justify.


Posted Date2/12/21
ContactCarrie Konopacki
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by MuL Technologies.

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