Summary of Innovation

Protective dunnage is used within or in conjunction with reusable totes or bulk containers to better protect and move parts in the industrial supply chain. The unique sliding dunnage system from ORBIS is comprised of a frame, multiple rails and hanging fabric dunnage bags. These robust frames are inserted into standard BulkPak® containers and configured with sliding dunnage bags based on your unique application. This design not only provides superior protection, but also reduces the time needed to remove separate dunnage layers after parts have been presented at the assembly line. Built with versatility in mind, this solution includes multiple rail holes used for consistent reuse for future programs, easy slide technology that eliminates rust build-up and a modular design that eliminates the need for container modification. In addition, the AdjustaPak offers various heights ranging from 48” x 45” to 78” x 48”, which can be adjusted based on each application. This dunnage solution is perfect for bulky automotive parts, offering benefits that include improved pack density, hassle-free part presentation at the line, and continuous versatility over its service life.

Innovation Statement

This sliding dunnage solution is revolutionary in that it’s not bolted to the container, making it easily transferable to a new container, if host container becomes obsolete. The multiple assembly holes allow the system to be adjusted to accommodate more layers, diverse product shapes, different part sizes and new pack-out configurations.


This sliding dunnage system is a versatile solution that can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of each application, while offering improved pack density and hassle-free part presentation.


Posted Date2/10/21
ContactSamantha Goetz
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by ORBIS Corporation.

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