Summary of Innovation

Declining operating costs and environmental challenges are pushing electric forklifts into gaining market shares over fossil fuels. However, fleet owners find themselves limited by lead-acid battery performance—the indisputable advantages of lithium-ion mark a break in the material handling world. In this era of services, critical activities are worth outsourcing to specialists. UgoWork sets itself apart from traditional equipment suppliers by providing reliable and efficient energy beyond a simple battery. Forward-thinking product design and the Energy as a Service business model are game-changers in the material handling world. UgoWork addresses operational bottlenecks and high energy costs and ensures fleet uptime while mitigating health and safety, and risk management issues.

Innovation Statement

UgoWork is an energy partner for the material handling industry providing energy expertise and lithium-ion power solutions for industrial trucks. Reliable energy is possible at all times and in all working environments thanks to a universal charging infrastructure through an innovative Energy as a Service business model. It starts with actionable fleet data, end-to-end support, and our customer success-driven approach to energy.


Forklift fleet managers familiar with operational bottleneck, service and expertise gaps, high energy costs with rising concerns for their operators' health and safety can find a partner and energy experts to manage their day-to-day planning, optimizing and measuring of their energy transition.


Posted Date2/10/21
ContactStephanie Lemire
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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