Summary of Innovation

The SmartCount Edge PLUS has been updated with more features. New for 2021 are Calculated Fields, 8 Additional Downtime reason codes and the ability to add in Planned Downtime. Calculated fields allows the user to create their own production metric formulas and display them to the screen providing flexibility for adding new metrics to monitor including OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality. The expanded downtime reason codes increases the total to 16. Never before has the ability to capture production metrics at an affordable price existed. The SmartCount Edge PLUS can connect to any size HDTV to display performance at the line and can be accessed remotely to view and edit.

Innovation Statement

Competitive offerings either do not provide this feature or the cost is 4-5 times that of the SmartCount Edge PLUS. Real-time data that can be streamed to create reports, dashboards, and more.


The SmartCount Edge PLUS can be used in just about any industry where counting of production is needed.


Posted Date2/10/21
ContactJohn Curie
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Output Technology, Inc. - Factrac.

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