Summary of Innovation

By nature, pallet flow lanes are hard on safety gate mechanics, as the pallets continually are pushed through the safety gates into the system; springs and hinges can loosen, fatigue and even fail. And, after a certain volume of pallets moving through the systems, tension settings for the gates must be reset. However, safety gates guarding pallet flow lanes are important, as they are a working surface higher than 4 feet, OSHA’s fall protection height requirement, and often feature decked over lanes onto which people enter for picking or maintenance. The new springless pallet flow safety gate design utilizes the technology in the Dock-Lift model that is patented under U.S. Patent 9,630,823 for swinging-style safety gate operations. The Springless Pallet Flow safety gate automatically opens as the pallet is pushed through into the system, and closes behind the pallet once it is through, preventing employees from stepping onto or falling from the edge of the flow lane. By utilizing this configuration, we have virtually eliminated the need for maintenance and extend the life expectancy of the safety gate because of the springless operation.

Innovation Statement

This design is the first springless self-closing safety gate for pallet flow systems in the industry. The system provides fall protection around pallet flow lanes while reducing the associated maintenance costs that often are associated with self-closing systems.


Costs for regular maintenance of the pallet flow safety gate are virtually eliminated, and its life expectancy is extended.


Posted Date2/08/21
ContactAaron Conway
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc..

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