Summary of Innovation

Troax is taking protection to new heights when it comes to safeguarding your people, property & processes. In fact, reaching almost any height is now easy and seamless with the re-engineered Troax Smart Splice system. Troax Smart Splice allows you take guarding and partitioning to just about any height your application requires. Smart Splice is an extension system that creates an opportunity to stack layers of Troax’s modular wire mesh products one on top of another to create the desired finished coverage. From floor to ceiling, or any custom distance in between, Troax Smart Splice allows you create a safe & secure solution.

Innovation Statement

Going the distance has always been an option with ALL Troax product lines, Smart Splice has innovated the process, making it easier & faster by requiring just one tightening action verses four.


Time is money, and the new Troax Smart Splice will allow for a faster install, seamless integration with Troax brackets and leave you with a sleek, streamlined aesthetic.


Posted Date2/05/21
ContactHaley Craig
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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