Summary of Innovation

Horizon Warehouse Execution Software (WES) is built on three pillars: Ready to Run – the software is pre-configured and rigorously tested using emulators (which emulate all external interfaces to the WES) prior to installation for a rapid deployment and reduce or eliminate costly coding by software engineers in the field. Every installation is built from core clean code eliminating a myriad of performance issues which will be visible over time. Grow & Change – Horizon WES provides organizations with a vast array of configurable parameters which allow many minor system changes to be handled without change orders. The modular construction allows for adding new functionality and updating a module without impacting the rest of the system. Power of Choice – Horizon users will not be forced into hardware decisions based on ownership of the software. The customer is always free to purchase material handling hardware from whatever vendor they choose without fear that they will lose software support.

Innovation Statement

Horizon WES provides wave, waveless, and/or overlapping waves automatically to increase system performance levels. It utilizes integrated emulators for pre-configuration and future modifications, drag and drop Visio-like system configuration, testing and clean code generation (for every site), open APIs to be visible upfront or configured to be the engine for existing systems. Horizon WES is also hardware agnostic allowing organizations to utilize all integrators, manufacturers, and types of equipment in a system.


Horizon WES provides features and functionality just not found in today’s WES technologies including emulators, drag and drop configuration, wave, waveless or overlapping wave fulfillment management, clean core code on every installation, reduced implementation time and resources to assure a faster ROI.


Posted Date2/02/21
ContactEd Romaine
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