Summary of Innovation

The GreyMatter™ Fulfillment Operating System from GreyOrange is the only solution that integrates Ai-driven software + intelligent robots + people to deliver progressively smarter, faster and more flexible fulfillment. The system continuously solves to orchestrate rapid, resilient, end-to-end performance– ready in real time for whatever the market has in store. GreyMatter’s Advanced Fulfillment science autonomously orchestrates data, rapidly responds to real time events and flexibly prescribes actions–while augmenting workforce intelligence to continuously calculate and execute the next best fulfillment decision.

Innovation Statement

The GreyMatter™ FOS rapidly responds to real time exceptions and events, prescribes actions, and orchestrates integrated and frictionless performance across every node of your operation. GreyMatter’s advanced algorithms intelligently keep pace with demand—responsively, rapidly and with the elastic resilience to navigate fast fluctuations and unpredictable volume spikes.


GreyMatter is the only fulfillment solution designed to deliver progressive performance with every execution cycle.


Posted Date2/02/21
ContactJustin Oram
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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