Summary of Innovation

"When it comes to trailer stands, wider means safer, but it also often means slower, less ergonomic and more expensive… until now! The AutoStand Wide proudly breaks with tradition by covering two-thirds of the width of a trailer, while also being quick and easy to deploy, and featuring a much smaller price tag than other extra-wide options. Hard polyurethane casters allow the AutoStand Wide to move smoothly over even the toughest terrain. A stepped top design enables it to slide under the trailer and automatically stop in the correct position, eliminating the often needed repositioning effort with other models. The whole unit is then secured in place with the press of a foot-pedal, so no laborious cranking or back-strain to adjust the height. As a result, the average deployment time is just 15 seconds. In addition to the speed and simplicity of the AutoStand Wide, it also uses a gas shock, self levelling system, which makes it considerably cheaper than electric powered alternatives, as well as keeping lifetime maintenance costs low."

Innovation Statement

The AutoStand Wide proudly breaks with industry tradition by combining extra-wide support against trailer collapse, with faster deployment times, better ergonomics and lower costs.


Preventing potentially fatal consequences from a trailer collapse, the AutoStand Wide takes extra-wide protection to new levels, by enhancing productivity with quicker deployment, more ergonomic height adjustment and a lower overall operating cost.


Posted Date1/25/21
ContactJamie Dady
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc..

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