Summary of Innovation

As autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have become more powerful with greater capacities and capabilities, they’ve also grown larger in size and weight -- and slower. Warehouse and manufacturing operators tell us current AMRs are either too small and not powerful enough or too big and slow. IAM Robotics created Bolt™ to fill the need for an AMR that was both small and mighty. Bolt handles payloads up to 300 kg yet moves up to 2 m/s and can run up to 20 hours on a single charge. We took the lessons learned in creating the world’s first autonomous mobile manipulation robot (AMMR) six years ago and leveraged that knowledge in building an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with innovations that give it the power to do more. Battery: The battery system was the biggest obstacle, but our roboticists rose to the challenge and created a battery with 3.5 times the capacity of similar AMRs, easily hot-swappable in less than 10 seconds, and with a run time up to 20 hours. Power Take-Off: Bolt had to be adaptable for a wide variety of applications in myriad settings. We created a unique power take-off feature that provides for easily interfacing multiple standard and custom top modules from conveyor tops to robotic arms. Direct Drive Wheels: Our innovations extended to mobility and safety as we integrated direct drive technology into Bolt. This integration provides for free-wheeling mobility, improved energy efficiency, regenerative braking for real-time battery charging, and sensitivity to impacts for increased safety.

Innovation Statement

Bolt’s innovative battery system provides for the longest run time and payload capacity in its class, while its power take-off interface allows for multiple top modules for a huge variety of applications. Further, by implementing direct drive technology into an AMR, we gave Bolt unsurpassed mobility and safety.


With Bolt, warehouse and manufacturing operators now have a choice of a small yet powerful AMR, no longer having to sacrifice speed and run time for payload capacity and adaptability.


Posted Date1/25/21
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