Summary of Innovation

Ware deploys self-flying drones inside warehouses to automate the cycle counting process. Using cutting edge AI, the Ware system analyzes drone imagery to extract information on license plate, SKU, location, empty locations, and more — all delivered in the Ware portal and syncable with your WMS. Ware is able to deploy completely remotely amidst COVID-19, giving warehouse operators the freedom to adopt the latest, cutting-edge warehouse automation technology amidst an unprecedented global pandemic.

Innovation Statement

Ware's drone-based automated inventory tracking system is the most advanced of its kind and represents the first, truly-autonomous, self-charging technology on the market. Additionally, Ware introduced the first robotics automation product for warehousing which is deployable, from zero to one, completely remotely amidst COVID-19. This enables Ware's customers to continue innovate and improve their operations.


Warehouse robotics and automation technology has traditionally been cumbersome and time-consuming to even pilot, let alone fully-integrate. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Ware has been deploying self-flying warehouse drones intro new facilities without even needing to be boots-on-the-ground, conducting the entire process fully-remotely.


Posted Date9/17/20
ContactIan Smith
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Ware.

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