Summary of Innovation

Deeyook Location Technologies is a software company with a broad IP portfolio delivering Touchless TrackingTM - a precise Location as a Service (LaaS) for both indoor and outdoor asset tracking as sought by the world’s leading manufacturing, supply chain and logistics companies.
Deeyook’s solution enables companies to touchless track their assets with sub-meter accuracy both indoors and outdoors. This is accomplished passively via the existing 2+ Billion WiFi access points worldwide. With no overlay or underlay networks required for implementation, the cost and time of deployment is greatly reduced, driving rapid ROI.

Innovation Statement

Deeyook Touchless tracking is based on interferometry and AI-based physical model using the existing global Wi-Fi infrastructure. It delivers superior location
accuracy than Wi-Fi RSSI, ToF , BT AoD , and UWB.


A game changer in RTLS (Real-time Location Systems): there are many solutions out there, but none rely on the disruptive technology that provides ubiquity (indoors and outdoors), precision (~4 inches accuracy), based on existing 2+B Wi-Fi access points, which means fast deployment and low battery consumption.


Posted Date2/02/23
ContactDirk Franklin
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Deeyook Location Technologies.

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