Summary of Innovation

The Multiplex™ was designed to help our customers with the current challenges of today's fulfillment processes, including labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, increased order volumes, and customer demands for faster shipping times. Multiplex™ reduces steps in your fulfillment process by simultaneously printing and stacking your critical shipping documents, thus eliminating the need to match the packing list and shipping label, which reduces errors and prevents incorrect shipments. This patented process can include 2, 3, or 4+ layers to incorporate a gift message, additional packing list, or return label. The return label can even be manufactured with adhesive to simplify the return process. Personalize the label size and pre-printed information to communicate return instructions or promotions on the front and back of your labels. Improve efficiency and reduce labor expenses while enhancing the end-user unboxing experience.

Innovation Statement

The innovation is in its construction. With the desired end-user experience in mind, we collaborate with the customer to design the Multiplex™ label. Each layer has a function based on its intended use and is designed to be a critical piece of the fulfillment process. During the manufacturing process, full adhesive is applied to the layers designed not to be removed, while partial adhesive is applied to areas that are. The multiple documents are then combined into a single file and sent to the thermal printer. The variable data is printed, the layers are stacked, and applied to the package. The patented construction allows the multi-part label to be printed, applied and opened throughout the label's lifecycle. This innovative label helps brands rethink the standard fulfillment process. Pairing Multiplex™ with technology to ignite fulfillment efficiency. Get more out the door, faster.


This innovation is significant because as businesses prepare to cope with the potential challenges of 2023 and beyond, they'll need to respond by adding flexibility to their products, plans, and processes. With all of the talk about an economic recession, being agile has never been more important.


Posted Date1/16/23
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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