Summary of Innovation

sSy.ai uses AI/ML to transform STANDARD cameras into accurate sensors (International patent, PCT, Level 3 Invention).
Besides object recognition, our disruptive technology allows the extraction of METRIC DATA (Indoor tracking, distance, speed, etc.) of any asset/object in the warehouse.

Innovation Statement

The transformation of ubiquitous cameras adds a new cost-efficient, API-agnostic and superior alternative to sensor technology and data harvesting.
Eventually, computer vision-powered data extraction will feed dynamic environments like RTLS-based WMS/WES (Gartner), LM’s, IIot, Industry 4.0 or Digital Twins.


Due to the significant challenges around LABOR in the industry, we focus and develop a solution for GAMIFICATION in operations.


Posted Date1/14/23
ContactThomas Zoehrer
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by sSy.ai.

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