Summary of Innovation

The AmbiSort A-Series v3 from Ambi Robotics is an innovative and revolutionary upgrade to the company’s flagship product, AmbiSort. Designed with human-centric principles and fully American National Safety Institute (ANSI) safety compliant, this system sets a new standard for industrial robots. With the ability to deploy over 60 systems in 60 days, with a team of less than 60 people, the AmbiSort A-Series v3 is built to commercialize at scale and empowers warehouse associates across the US to work smarter and handle more.

AmbiSort systems are powered by AmbiOS, the industry's first advanced operating system designed for parcel sortation that leverages simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) AI technology to rapidly teach robots to pick and pack millions of unique items on day one of deployment. With this technology, each warehouse associate can work alongside three to four AmbiSort A-Series systems, increasing the average throughput-per-employee to over 1,200 items safely sorted per hour with more than 99% accuracy.

Innovation Statement

The AmbiSort A-Series v3 is the industry's most dexterous parcel sorting system, combining cutting-edge simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) AI with modular hardware configurations to revolutionize the way global supply chain enterprises operate. With the option to choose between bin-fed item induction or conveyor-fed item induction, both configurations have been deployed in commercial production in 2022, increasing associate throughput 4x for last-mile sortation, with over 99% order accuracy to the end-consumer.


The AmbiSort A-Series v3 is the ultimate solution for global shippers, allowing for faster and more efficient sorting of boxes, polybags, and envelopes from bulk input flow into destination containers, thus streamlining last mile delivery and saving significant time and resources for attendees seeking to optimize their supply chain for 21st century demand.


Posted Date1/13/23
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