Summary of Innovation

Neo by Avidbots has been autonomously cleaning warehouses and factories around the world for more than eight years. To deploy Neo in even more of the most dynamic facilities, Avidbots is now launching our Warehouse Smarts package that delivers more autonomous floor scrubbing productivity specifically designed for warehouse environments. Avidbots Warehouse Smarts leverages industry-leading advanced autonomy and deep learning to enable the cleaning of bulk areas, as well as the avoidance of pallets and forklift tines in congested areas for optimal cleaning coverage. These autonomy features, combined with an efficient debris diverter solution, increase Neo’s cleaning productivity enabling it to clean even more of the facility. No need to adjust plans or clean manually, Avidbots and Warehouse Smarts focuses on delivering the most productivity for your operation, autonomously.

Innovation Statement

Avidbots Warehouse Smarts employs deep learning to recognize and avoid warehouse-specific obstacles including pallets and forklift tines. Furthermore, advancements in how the robot maps and navigates in dynamic environments enable successful operation in a larger footprint, delivering uninterrupted cleaning productivity. These features combined with improvements to debris management provide the best hardware and software solution for automating warehouse floor cleaning.


Clean warehouses are efficient warehouses. Logistics operations looking to focus more on the core business of moving & storing goods by automating cleaning activity will benefit from deploying a mobile robot purpose-built for cleaning warehouse environments.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactSkylar Lawrence-LeBel
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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